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To provide high-quality and innovative process simulation training to ambitious and motivated engineering students around the world.


To equip future engineers with qualities and competencies necessary to succeed as process optimization professionals.

Who We Are

We prepare and support the present and future generations of process engineers with software training to tackle real-life issues as professional engineers. We develop Process Simulation Cup (PSC) tasks based on the demands and challenges that are relevant to today’s engineering professionals. The participants benefit from an opportunity to solve a uniquely designed competition problem using CHEMCAD.

We welcome registrations from around the world, from both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The industry practitioners are also invited and encouraged to take part. Although the competition awards are reserved for students only, the industry practitioners participating in the PSC are recognized for their thought leadership by being introduced into our Hall of Fame.

The competition is a yearly event. We are currently into the fourth edition developed and managed by Chemstations Europe – one of the leading provider of the process simulation software, CHEMCAD.

Our Goals

  • Provide leadership in creating tomorrow’s engineers possessing qualifications essential for successful professionals.
  • Help students to become valuable employees from day one by developing their critical and problem-solving skills.
  • Establish support and innovative technology for teaching, mentoring, research and partnerships.
  • Foster creative and critical thinking among students and academics within a culture of inspiration, accountability and quality service.
  • Promote best practices and excellence in teaching to empower ambitious individuals.
  • Enhance the role and visibility of the engineering profession in education.

Meet the Team!

Armin Fricke

Armin is at the hub of all creative goings-on and oversees our development and strategic planning activities. He loves “helicopter” views and whiteboards. Armin is the one who invented for you the PSC! He likes to go off-road from time to time.

Superpower: Creativity

Jan Schöneberger

Jan is a Process Engineer with a Ph.D. degree from TU Berlin. Experienced in courses supervision, plant projects and support, he enjoys recognition among the “simulators” community. Jan is the mastermind behind your PSC tasks. He enjoys giving lectures.

Superpower: Knowledge Transfer

Burcu Aker

Burcu holds a M.Sc in Process, Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering from TU Berlin. She currently works on several engineering and consulting projects. She tests your PSC tasks while indulging in an iced coffee.

Superpower: Critical Thinking

Anna Wolna

Anna is the PSC spokeswoman. Before joining the team, she studied Politics and International Security and spent several years working as a Media Analyst in the UK. She holds MA from King’s College London. Anna sets the tone for the PSC developments.

Superpower: Communication

Nicole Reimer

Nicole always makes sure everything runs according to the plan and that everyone is on board. She manages many of the nitty-gritty stuff which we are unable to handle. Nicole brings to you the PSC administrative details.

Superpower: Customer Satisfaction

Maaz Ul Mosaid

Is something bugging you? Here comes Maaz. Our Junior Process Engineer does a super job in debugging and coding. Maaz also studies for a M.Sc. in Process Systems Engineering at TU Dortmund. He gives the PSC bugs a hard time.

Superpower: Quality Control

Mersad Katana

Mersad is our Software Engineer and, on a daily basis, he develops, tests and implements stuff. He likes experimenting with electronics. He says he is good at it. Although, we are not entirely sure what he means by that. He delivers for you the PSC “enigma” work.

Superpower: Programming

Carla Steinbrenner

Carla works independently as a graphic and web designer. Programming, search engine optimization and branding are also part of her professional passion. Carla delivered to you the PSC website and we love it!

Superpower: Imagination

Dr. Simon Burger

Simon likes to mess up every now and then. He’s the one who always trips on a banana peel or knocks something over. It’s not down due to his haircut that makes his IQ questionable. It’s his chronic lack of coordination and helplessness. He is the one who always needs your help in the PSC tasks.

Superpower: Always up for Burgers

“The A Team” – The PSC Ambassadors

Frank Ramhold

Frank is a lecturer at the University of Merseburg in the field of process simulation with CHEMCAD. He is a laboratory manager, lecturer in thermal process engineering, mechanical process engineering and fluid mechanics. Frank supports our teaching tools projects and rocks CHEMCAD in his classes for years!

Superpower: Educational innovation 

Jeffrey Halpern

Jeffrey is an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering Education at the University of New Hampshire, US. He channeled his passion for teaching through PSC by incorporating it into the curriculum as a graded and non-graded class exercise. He’s been spreading the PSC word at the premier educational forums too. Awesome! His research interests focus on sensors development.

Superpower: Educational Innovation

Ewelina Brodawka

Ewelina has been with the PSC since the very beginning winning twice the No.1 Overall Winner title. It speaks for itself. This girl can do it and she can do it well! She learned it all at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland where she is likely to become a teacher. Adsorption processes in gaseous mixtures are her cup of tea.

Superpower: Intuitive Optimization

Jakub Szczurowski

Jakub is a lecturer at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. He belongs to the early PSC adopters. Jakub participated in the challenges himself and motivated students to join. He brought more than 100 participants to the PSC2017 cup! Looking at his publications list, he’s really into adsorption systems and mercury removal technologies.

Superpower: Role Model

Ryszard Bałys

Ryszard is a well-established lecturer at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland in the Faculty of Energy and Fuel. He has fully embraced the PSC and introduced the challenge into his classroom. He incorporated the PSC into the curriculum supercharging the CHEMCAD learning experience of his students. Bravo! Adsorption is his research favorite.

Superpower: Educational Innovation

Is that You?

Student Ambassador is a chemical process engineer who enjoys talking to others and is active in various student groups. He/She enjoys going the extra mile and makes the most of His/Her time at university. He/She always goes with a flowsheet!

Superpower: Student Magnet