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Process Simulation Cup 2016

The Pressurized Water Process is used to remove carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide from bio gas in order to upgrade it to natural gas quality. No chemicals (!) besides water are required for this gas treatment processes.

Our solution has an exergetic efficiency of 50%. However, there are still many degrees of freedom left!

PSC2016’s goal is to optimize the exergetic efficiency of a given Pressurized Water Process. Find the entire process and a more detailed description of the challenge in our task description below!


Download PSC2016 poster here:


How the CHEMCAD Job interacts with MS-Excel

The CHEMCAD Job is set up in a way that the decision variables can be controlled via the Data Map “Design”. To open the Data Maps in the MS-Excel file in CHEMCAD, go to the menu Tools -> Excel Data Map -> Edit Data Map. Select “Open” for access to the design parameters. Change the values in column D. To run the simulation, go back to CHEMCAD and klick the “Run All” button.


PSC2016 Timeline

26 February 2016: Launch of the PSC2016 at the Symposium Teaching Process Simulation in Berlin

3 February 2017: Submission closing day for PSC2016.

3 March 2017: Launch of the PSC2017 at the Symposium Teaching Process Simulation in Berlin with Award Ceremony of PSC2016