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Terms & Conditions

  1. Process Simulation Cup (PSC) is owned and managed by Chemstations Europe GmbH.
  2. By participating in the competition, contestants accept and will be bound by the below-listed competition rules.
  3. The competition is open to worldwide full time and part-time bachelor, masters and Ph.D. students.
  4. Students who enroll for PSC while holding an active student status and graduate during the duration of the challenge can continue to participate until the end of the competition. Their right to win awards will not be affected.
  5. High school students are admitted upon request.
  6. All other PSC participants qualify for the ‘Practitioner Ranking’. Their result submissions are marked as “Out of Competition” (OC) in the PSC highscore table. The participants marked as “OC” are excluded from the awards and the winning titles.
  7. Employees of Chemstations Europe GmbH and their families qualify for the ‘Practitioner Ranking’. Their results submissions are marked as “Out of Competition” (OC) in the PSC highscore table. They are excluded from the awards and the winning titles.
  8. All registrations with PSC that qualify for the ‘Student Ranking’ are automatically admitted to the PSC highscore table, i.e. officially enter the PSC competition.
  9. All PSC participants’ submissions are calculated with CHEMCAD software.
  10. Only results validated by CHEMCAD software will be recognized.
  11. All entries are the property of Chemstations Europe GmbH.
  12. All entries are submitted via the Process Simulation Cup website and include the full name of the contestant and of their organization (university/ college).
  13. Chemstations Europe GmbH reserves the right to disqualify and disable the participant’s PSC account if any form of unfair competition is detected.
  14. To determine the Overall and Monthly Winners of the Process Simulation Cup, the submitted parameters are run on the Chemstations Europe GmbH server and in the original simulation file.
  15. Three PSC Overall Winners are determined during the latest and final PSC task phase based on the highest profits achieved in the simulation task.
  16. Monthly Winners are determined when they place No.1 in the highscore table at the end of each month.
  17. All winners are announced on the Process Simulation Cup website, including the university/ college name. Chemstations Europe GmbH reserves the right to publish or distribute the winning parameters and photos of the winners, the runner-up and their supervising or advising faculty member through any electronic and physical form.
  18. There are no financial or monetary rewards of any kind. PSC student winners are awarded Amazon Vouchers.
  19. If a university/ college does not have a CHEMCAD license, a student can request a time-limited CHEMCAD license for non-commercial, personal use via the PSC website.
  20. If a university/ college would like to obtain a CHEMCAD license for teaching purposes and unlimited PSC participation for their students, a teacher/ course leader should contact or a respective CHEMCAD distributor.
  21. For situations not covered herein, Chemstations Europe GmbH will rule, considering as a top priority, equal opportunity of winning for all participants. All decisions of Chemstations Europe GmbH are final.
  22. Chemstations Europe GmbH reserves the right to declare the contest void if the submitted parameters do not fulfill eligibility requirements.
  23. This competition is void where prohibited by law.