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PSC Evergreen

Dedicated to teachers who work with students in innovative ways.

What is PSC Evergreen

PSC Evergreen is an umbrella term for the variety of our educational tools and all previous PSC competitions.

Why teach with simulations

Increasing number of higher education institutions moves towards innovating teaching methods. These initiatives are often orientated towards enhancing student learning experience. Nevertheless, many engineering courses providers face an ongoing struggle when designing student tasks. Striking the right balance between the theoretical knowledge and the real-life practical problems is often difficult to attain.

It is in the interest of educators to arrange teaching methods and assessments which reflect aspects of the real world in an interactive fashion. Simulations in the engineering education bring broad-spectrum benefits.

  • Students develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills and master technical knowledge of computer simulation.
  • Academia fosters hands-on teaching, promotes self-study, motivates and inspires young professionals.
  • Industry benefits from skilled and highly-capable individuals and reduced training expenditures.

Educational tools for teachers

Your PSC

All completed PSC challenges can be reapplied in the classroom. You can tailor them to meet your specific curriculum objectives. We also provide PSC Evergreen Certificates of participation to each of your students. Interested? Get in touch and:

  • Provide us with parameters of your choice or
  • Provide us with a flowsheet and
  • You’re ready to engage your students in an interactive and motivating learning experience based on real-world problems.

Ways to work with PSC in the classroom: 

  • Class graded/nongraded exercise
  • Group graded/nongraded exercise
  • Add-on class training tool
  • Add-on individual training too

Explore previous PSC tasks and get inspired:


Grading Students

We developed a unique grading tool for PSC tasks. You will be able to view it with an access code to a page which displays the grading table. You will be able to:

  • Use filters to view institutions and your student list
  • Define what is the pass/fail threshold or
  • Define what is the top/bottom mark threshold

The grading page is only visible and accessible to the teaching staff. To benefit and learn more about this new feature, please contact us quoting Teaching Tools in the subject line.