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Process Simulation Cup 2020

PSC2020 ended on 18.01.2020



Your Plant
The biogas plant was built in the region where agriculture is the predominant form of land use. It was placed next to a fermentation plant with which it has a business relationship. On average, the plant produces 560 kWh of electricity and 1000 kW thermal energy. Two engines and a steam boiler are used to generate electric power and heat. The control system operates with seven PID controllers.
Your Background
You’re hired as a control engineer of a biogas powerplant. You’re highly analytical, and use these skills to examine and improve plant processes. It is your responsibility to ensure that the plant is running smoothly and efficiently while meeting quality, safety, and environmental standards and remains profitable under dynamic conditions.
Your Task
The volatile electricity market holds many challenges for your plant operation. Your task is to tune the controller system to the best to maximize the plant profit.

Note: PSC challenge consists of several task phases that are progressively rolled out throughout the year. We also progressively unlock design variables that are currently displayed as inactive on the submission form. We might manipulate some data too. The time and date of the above are not defined in advance. To be up to date with changes and not to miss out on developments, stay tuned into the PSC newsletters, social media, news, and our blog!