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Process Simulation Cup 2019


It’s a pleasure to welcome you to your new workplace, the oleochemical plant.  As the new Shift Supervisor, you’re responsible for customizing oleic acid cuts.


As a Shift Supervisor, you must maximize the shift profit during a changeover.


The oleochemical plant is a two-step distillation plant. Due to the nature of the oleic acids, the operational conditions have to be adjusted frequently. The upcoming changeover must handle the change from optimized steady-state conditions for a heavy oil feed mixture which is cut to an intermediate heavy oil product mixture (high in cis-9-Octadecenoic acid) to the optimized steady-state conditions for a light oil feed mixture.

Final PSC2019 Task Phase

Phase 5

Start: 18.11.2019

Great job! The plant can be operated much better with Therminol 66TM in the reboilers.

Unfortunately, the implementation of the new heating system became more expensive than anticipated. In order to recover costs,  the price for your utility has been increased to 50$ per metric ton of usage.

The good news is that the demand for light product increased further. Now it can be sold for 3$ per kilogram.

It’s your final chance to increase company profits even further. Good Luck!


Below are documents that will help you kick-start PSC2019:




  • PSC challenge consists of several task phases that are progressively rolled out throughout the year.
  • Not having participated in one or more task phases doesn’t impact the chances of winning the Overall Winner title. The Overall Winners are only determined in the final task phase at the end of the year.
  • In PSC task phases design variables displayed as inactive on the submission form will be gradually unlocked. Some values might also change.
  • The time and date of the new phases aren’t defined in advance.

What Are Your Awards?

The  Champion

You collect PSC Cups for submitting solutions. If your solutions are better than others and you move up the highscore table ranks – You earn cups! In addition, you have a unique “My PSC referral link”. If your friends register via your link and submit variables, you will get PSC Cups too! Are your friends making headway in our Hall of Fame? Great! You earn cups as long as your PSC fellows make progress.

At the end of the challenge, a PSC student participant with the highest cups total wins certified *CHEMCAD Training! Wouldn’t it be awesome to learn CHEMCAD together with the industry practitioners? Of course, it would!

*CHEMCAD Training is currently offered to students in Europe and the USA, for details visit FAQs.

Monthly & Overall Winner

  • You rank first in the Hall of Fame at the end of the month,  you receive a Certificate, 100 PSC Cups, and Amazon Voucher worth €25.
  • At the end of the challenge, 3 participants with the best results achieved in the final PSC Phase will be awarded one of our 3 Overall Winner titles, get certificates and Amazon Vouchers worth
  • No.1 €200,
  • No.2 €150
  • No.3 €100

*International participants receive Amazon vouchers in the currency of their respective countries (as long as it’s applicable)

PSC Student Ambassador

It works exactly in the same way as in the case of the PSC Cups Champion. The only exception is that you make it a mission for yourself. You put your creative ideas into action to spread the PSC word to others!

At the end of the challenge, a person whose “My PSC referral link” has been shared most times will be awarded the PSC Student Ambassador title, will be featured on our Team page and will receive Amazon Voucher worth €80!

You can learn more about the awards visiting our PSC Ambassador page. Please note: every referred friend must submit variables to PSC at least once!

*International participants receive Amazon vouchers in the currency of their respective countries (as long as it’s applicable)