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PSC Task Update

PSC Task Phase 3

Calling all PSC stimulants! We'll be unlocking additional variables and revealing the input and output constraints on the 9th April 2018!

Don't miss out to stay on top of the game.

PSC phases details are always posted on our Blog and in the PSC Phases file on the competition page. Details should be available few days before we unlock the variables.

What's on offer this year you ask? 

  • Certified CHEMCAD beginner course – to learn software with industry practitioners
  • Participation at the Annual CHEMCAD User Meeting – to meet CHEMCAD chief developer
  • Participation at the PSC Award Ceremony- to celebrate with the PSC winners
  • PSC Student Ambassador title – for going the extra mile for PSC
  • Your Profile on our “Meet the Team” page – because you’re awesome
  • Your Name in our Hall of Fame – because you’re famous
  • Amazon vouchers and Certificates – in recognition for your hard work

Good Luck and may the power of optimization be with you!


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28 March 2018