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Hola Barcelona! – PSC2017 visit to Spain

           Gracias por tu generosa hospitalidad!


We recently traveled to Barcelona, Spain, where we presented our PSC2017 poster at the 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering (WCCE10). It’s one of those events which we couldn’t have missed!

Jan Schöneberger, our expert on process engineering, shared his experience with other conference participants about how great you are doing cracking numbers and rocking the challenge.

We returned from the sunny city packed with feedback from both doctoral students and academic staff. They see the Cup as a great way to enhance your learning of process simulation. That means we are doing great and add value to your education and practical skills.

Check out our PSC2017 poster here:


If you think we can improve it, we want to know! Get in touch!

Picture of Jan (on the right), talking to a PhD student

13 October 2017