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After a short break we are kicking-off with the

second edition of the Process Simulation Cup!

We hope you are as excited as we are!

The first edition of the Cup was definitely a thrilling time. Students from 41 universities from all over the world joined a fierce fight for reaching the best variables and going to the top of Highscore table. Some of them came up with many (sometimes very unusual) ways to tackle the scientific challenge, but eventually the best one turned out to be Ewelina Brodawka - a student from University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. The awards ceremony took place on Feb 19th 2016 in Cologne at the 4th Symposium on Computer-aided Process Optimisation. Congrats to Ewelina and all the winners once again!

PSC 2015 raised the bar really high, so we hope this year’s challenge will also satisfy some of the greater scientific minds.


PSC2016's goal is to optimize the exergetic efficiency of a given Pressurized Water Process.

Find the entire process and a more detailed description of the challenge in our task description!

Don’t wait any longer! Download CHEMCAD and the flowsheet and become a Monthly or the Overall Winner!

Good luck!
Process Simulation Cup Team

29 April 2016