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Interested in a creative Process Simulation challenge?

It’s great to have you on board!
It’s been about three months we kicked off the third edition of the Process Simulation Cup (PSC2017). We have issued a challenge where all of you are asked to optimize a process using our CHEMCAD process simulation software.
The way to rank high in the Hishscore Table is easier than you think! Follow our short and easy step by step instruction on how to submit your variables!
Use the opportunity to watch CHEMCAD tutorial on our YouTube Channel and read our Blog to get more information about our Free CHEMCAD Trial.

the third edition of the Process Simulation Cup

Why not take advantage of this opportunity to be the next champion and win these great prizes: 

  • Amazon gift voucher for our monthly and yearly winner
  • Certificate for participating in PSC for monthly and yearly winner
  • Small accompanying gifts

So students! Don’t wait any longer and Submit your Design Variables to become a Champion of the PSC2017!

Good luck!


Process Simulation Cup Team

11 June 2017