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PSC2018 Task Update




Hello everyone!

So great to see you here. I've got some updates for you. We are going to roll out the PSC Phase 2 tomorrow.

I haven't seen you being too busy with phase 1. Therefore, I decided to stir some things up!

This time you will have to calculate more variables with some constraints. How exciting is that!

Only serious simulants, please! The time is now to do some flowsheeting.


You should have a look at our AWARDS program this year. Lots of stuff to fight for such as certified CHEMCAD beginner course, participation at the Annual CHEMCAD User Meeting, Teaching Process Simulation Symposium, Amazon vouchers, certificates and more!!!


Phase 2

You did it, you steered the process back to the profit zone after the change in bacteria behavior. Operation personal and management are impressed and want to give you more flexibility now: The distillation section is yours!

However, you must consider several constraints:

  1. There is no intermediate pump and thus the pressure must decrease from the evaporator to the second column.
  2. The cooling water entrance temperature is 15°C and thus now temperatures below 18°C are allowed in the condensers.
  3. The vapor fraction of the stream in front of the recycle pump must be below 0.01 mol/mol in order to avoid damage due to cavitation.
  4. The partial condenser is designed as a cooler and thus it cannot be used to heat the vapor coming from the compressor.


Unlocked Design variables:

All variables from the Distillation Section

Input Bounds:

As given in the Excel table

Input Step Size:

D06:      0.01

D07:      0.001

D08:      0.01

D09:      0.1

D10:      0.001

D11:      0.01

D12:      0.1

D13:      0.001

D14:      0.01

D15:      0.1


Input Constraints:

D13 < D10

D10 < D06

D08 > D06


Output Constraints:

Stream 39 Vapor Fraction < 0.01

Stream 35 Temperature > 18°C

Stream 38 Temperature > 18°C

Stream 32 Temperature < Stream 31 Temperature

D07 > Stream 25 Vapor Fraction (equivalent to) Stream 29 Vapor Fraction > Stream 25 Vapor Fraction



May the power of flowsheet be with you!


Dr.Simon Burger 




28 February 2018