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PSC Task Phase 3

PSC Task Phase 3


Start: 09.04.2018 


The management is very happy with your success in increasing the plant’s profit. You convinced them that you can even be more successful when they allow you to change the flowrates along the process, as the utility consumptions are directly coupled to these rates.

And here you go! Adjust the flows which are fed back to the filtration section and to the ion exchanger section. The total amount of recycled material should not exceed 40.000 kg/h! The quantity of the purge stream is then given by the overall mass balance. Try to keep it small 😉


Unlocked Design variables:

D01 (Water for Dilution) and D05 (Recycle). Existing design variables and constraints remain and are given in italic.


Input Bounds:

As given in the Excel table.







Input Step Size:

D01:      1

D05:      1


D06:      0.01

D07:      0.001

D08:      0.01

D09:      0.1

D10:      0.001

D11:      0.01

D12:      0.1

D13:      0.001

D14:      0.01

D15:      0.1


Input Constraints:

D13 < D10

D10 < D06

D08 > D06


Output Constraints:

Stream 40 Massflowrate > D01 + D05


Stream 39 Vapor Fraction < 0.01

Stream 35 Temperature > 18°C

Stream 38 Temperature > 18°C

Stream 32 Temperature < Stream 31 Temperature

D07 > Stream 25 Vapor Fraction (equivalent to) Stream 29 Vapor Fraction > Stream 25 Vapor Fraction

Good Luck!

Process Simulation Cup Team

3 April 2018