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Congratulations to Jakub – our latest Winner of the Month, who submitted the best solution as of the last day of September. Well done!

The battle in the previous month was fierce and our Highscore Table has considerably grown with the new variables. As you can see, the leading results are very good, however we are sure that you can still come up with even better solutions than these!

We’ve observed recently a bigger variety of countries that new participants come from, so we though you might be interested to see the overview of all the countries that participate in the Cup. You can see it on the map below!



You have  18 days to upload your variables and become the Winner of October!

  • If you don’t have the access to CHEMCAD – let us know at team [at] process-simulation-cup [dot] com. We will help you.
  • If you need some guidance on solving the scientific challenge — very carefully read the latest two blog posts. It should be all clearer then.
And don’t wait any longer  submit your variables now!
Process Simulation Cup Team


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