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New parameters can make you a Winner!

With the release of the latest version of CHEMCAD 7.1 the new PSRK parameters have been free chemcad

This enables a more accurate estimation of the component interactions based on their molecular structure. This of course affects the PSC 2016 flowsheet as the solubilities of Methane, Carbon Dioxide, and Hydrogen Sulfide in Water change slightly.

This has an effect on constraint violations and the exergetic efficiency of the process! Thus, it can happen that the parameters  evaluated in CHEMCAD 7.1 fulfill the constraints but evaluated in 7.0 do not.

We decided to evaluate your submitted parameters with CHEMCAD 7.1.1 from now on. Old submissions will not be re-evaluated. From our experience the new PSRK parameters predict a better solubility of Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulfide. This means that the space for better solutions (than Jakub's submission) expanded!

In case your submission led to the result “Constraints not fulfilled” we encourage you to submit this solution again. It might be the winning parameter set!

If you happen to have no access to CHEMCAD, check our latest blog post explaining how to download a free CHEMCAD license.

Good luck!

10 November 2016