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We have the first monthly winner of PSC2017!

Let’s have a big round of applause for Alec Maddaus, who has submitted the best solution of the month and became the winner of March! Congratulations!

Our winner of March is a student from University of New Hampshire and his solution was the best one on the last day of March. He has the highest number of minutes in the category five of our Highscore Table.

So Alec will receive a certificate and Amazon gift voucher as the PSC2017 monthly winner of March!

A student from University of New Hampshire is the monthly winner of PSC2017

Although there is only one monthly-winner, we would like to thank all participants who have been super active in our contest during March. You did very well!

Hurry up! Submit your variable as soon as possible!
You may be the next winner!

Process Simulation Cup Team

9 April 2017