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Meet DMT – a company standing behind our challenge

[caption id="attachment_1406" align="alignright" width="300"]dmt logo DMT Environmental Technology[/caption]

Our partner in this year’s edition of the Process Simulation Cup is DMT Environmental Technology. DMT is an innovative engineering company headquartered in the Netherlands and was founded in 1987. They have been active in the development and realization of environmental technology such as ground water purification and renewable energies.

Among many other things, DMT is building gas treatment plants that clean biogas from fermentation. In fermentation, agricultural and other biological waste is converted into a combustible gas. The Gas Desulphurization process greatly reduces corrosion and environmentally hazardous SOx emissions. Another major product from DMT is the Biogas Upgrading Process. It separates the two dominant biogas components, methane and carbon dioxide. This makes it possible to supply the purified methane into the natural gas grid or to pressurize it to produce CNG that can fuel cars and other vehicles. DMT has been in this business for many years and is always at the forefront of new technologies in their field. They have designed and realized many plants in countries around the world.

All this makes DMT the perfect partner in the PSC 2016! With them we were able to not only create a challenging process optimization task, but also a process as it could be build in reality. This makes the task to find the optimal operation parameters a very realistic exercise, one that a process engineer could be faced with regularly. Just like the engineers at DMT, you can use CHEMCAD to improve the parameters of the Pressurized Water Biogas Treatment Process and search for the optimal solution. You can become a Monthly or Overall Winner and win the awards. But most importantly, this challenge will help you prepare for you work as process engineers and teach you important skills that are in high demand in the industry!

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31 May 2016