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let your result shine on Highscore table!

For much of the world it‘s now summer- this means it‘s time to kick back and relax. We want you to make the most of this month, yet be productive and fun as possible.

Our PSC2017 is a great opportunity to boost your credentials by obtaining the PSC certificate and Amazon voucher. If you're up for a challenge, don't wait any longer and participate in our CUP!

Now is the time to let your result shine on Highscore table!

Now is the time to make your result stand out in our Highscore table! You just need to watch our videos on YouTube and follow our instruction to find the best result. It's easier than you think!


You have 14 days to upload your variables and become the Winner of August! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Keep working, Practice, You’ll get there!

We look forward to having you in our contest!
Process Simulation Cup Team

17 August 2017