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The flowsheet has been updated

Fotolia_99837960_Subscription_Monthly_MThe Process Simulation Cup is in the full swing now. A significant (!) number of variables you submitted so far led to some observations. Here are few important flowsheet updates to make sure everything is clear:

  • Since few submissions caused convergence problems, we have reassigned the cut streams. In the flowsheet PSC2016_1.1.cc7 the Smart Cut algorithm was used and stream 9 was identified as the only required cut stream. However, as we change the flowrates in the recycle from the data map, it is more robust to select the cut streams 7 and 11. This change is implemented in the updated flowsheet PSC2016_1.2.2.cc7.
  • Some submissions led to constraint violations and therefore become invalid. So if you wonder why your variables are not displayed in Highscore table -- now you know why. In order to avoid dissatisfaction, we included an Excel range in the updated flowsheet PSC2016_1.2.2.cc7 that shows whether the product constraints are fulfilled or violated.

Hope that helps!

What is more -- most submissions (including the initial solution given in the reference job for download) result in high gas temperatures (> 200°C) at the compressor outlets. Whereas it is not really a problem for the Cup, in a real plant the compressor outlet temperatures should not become too high, as high temperatures require expensive materials for the equipment and the pipelines. Thus, we decided to add another compressor with an additional intermediate cooling stage. This furthermore adds a degree of freedom to the PSC so that 8 design variables can be specified now.

In case you have any additional questions, let us know at or ask us on facebook!

Good luck!

Process Simulation Cup Team


27 June 2016