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Bug in the Highscore Table

Dear Participants!

As we already informed you in our Friday night newsletter - there was a bug in our Highscore Table (not to be mistaken with another bug:) ) what led to displaying the results in a wrong way.

We are happy to announce that the bug has been already fixed.

Now everything is back to normal and you could freely upload your variables!

As due to the bug as the Winner of November we mistakenly announced Jakub, now we need to update this information.

The Winner of November has been Alexander Fleck from TU Berlin with his variables submitted at the beginning of October.

Alexander also still remains the Overall Winner (although Burcu is leading in the table, she is a participant out of the competition). Congratulations!

Once again we are very sorry for all the inconveniences the bug might have caused and we really appreciate your understanding!

As we continuously work on improving your PSC experience, we have something extra prepared for you! We hope that - together with our tips - it will help you with tackling our scientific challenge. More information in our upcoming newsletter.

Don't waste any minute and go go go! February is around the corner!

In case you might have forgotten, check out what awards are waiting for the Process Simulation Cup Winner(s).

8 December 2015