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It’s more than the glory

The awards are designed to reward your participation all year long. It’s entirely up to you to decide what kind of winner would you like to be. With the right strategy, you may win awards worth over €3000!

The Overall Winners

Three PSC participants with the best results achieved in the final PSC task phase will be awarded certificates, a place in the Hall of Fame and:

  • No.1 €200 Amazon Voucher

A place at the exclusive event in Berlin organized for the industry practitioners with an additional €100 contribution towards travel and accommodation costs.

  • No.2 €150 Amazon Voucher
  • No.3 €120 Amazon Voucher

The Monthly Winner 

The title is awarded to a student participant who achieves the best result in the highscore table at the end of each month. The winner will receive a certificate,  a place in the Hall of Fame and:

  • €25 Amazon Voucher
  • 100 PSC Cups
  • Time-limited personal software access

The Cups Champion 

At the end of the competition, a student participant with the highest PSC Cups total gets a place in the Hall of Fame and wins:

  • 2-day CHEMCAD Seminars worth €1500
  • Professional CHEMCAD Seminars Certificate

How to collect PSC Cups?

You receive cups for each submitted solution that enables you to move up the PSC highscore table ranks. You also have a unique PSC Referral Link visible on the My Account page. If you get your friends to register with this link, you will earn cups as soon as they submit their first variables. If your friends play regularly and move up the highscore table ranks,  you will continue to earn PSC Cups.


PSC Student Ambassador 

It works exactly in the same way as in the case of the PSC Cups Champion. The only exception is that you make it a mission for yourself. You put your creative ideas into action and encourage others to register with your PSC Referral Link.

At the end of the challenge, a PSC participant whose PSC Referral Link has been shared most times will land a place in the Hall of Fame and win:

  • €80 Amazon Voucher
  • PSC Student Ambassador title
  • Your profile on the Meet the Team page


Every referred person must submit variables to the PSC at least once. To be considered, you should share your PSC Referral Link with a minimum of 15 friends. See the PSC Ambassador page for more.

  • International Students: Amazon Vouchers will be issued in the currency of the respective country as long as applicable.
  • CHEMCAD Seminars: Currently offered in Berlin, Germany and the USA (multiple locations)
  • T&C apply to the time-limited personal software access award