The Process Simulation Cup is initiated by Chemstations Europe GmbH, Berlin.

It is a unique chance for students of the chemical and engineering sciences to learn about process simulation and to gain valuable industry exposure.

The task is to optimize a given flowsheet. It represents a typical optimization problem of the chemical, pharmaceutical or life science industries.  we expect several local optima and a global optimum. However there is no closed solution.

Finding an optimum requires tenacity and ingenuity. Both are desirable professional skills for an excellent engineer.

The Process Simulation Cup is an individual endeavour. Students can work in teams. Universities benefit from having many students participating.

Therefore, there are several categories for winning the Process Simulation Cup:

  1. overall, at the end of the contest.
  2. monthly, at the last day of the month.
  3. institutional as number of participants from an academic institution
  4. individual duration as number of minutes that a participant was leading the highscore table
  5. institutional duration as number of minutes that an academic institution was leading the highscore table

You can find Awards and benefits for these winners here.

If you are teaching process simulation, spread the word! Motivate your students to register for the Process Simulation Cup now!